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Rental Criteria

Applications: A $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE application fee will be assessed for all applicants. All occupants 18 years and older must complete an application and will be listed as a party to the lease. Complete all areas; including landlords and employers, phone numbers, cities, states, and zip codes.

Income & Employment: Gross monthly income of combined applicants must be 2 times the monthly rental rate. All proof of employment must be legal and verifiable. Acceptable documents include:

  • Two most current pay stubs.
  • Official offer letter on company letterhead, signed by all parties.
  • Current years signed tax returns.
  • Statements from Government Payment.
  • Court Orders for child or spousal support.
  • Statement of income from investments or trust funds.
  • Savings verified with 3 months of statements with an average balance totaling 2 times the rent
  • Tax records.

Resident History:
Applicant must have 2 years of positive rental history with a good payment and security deposit return record.

Credit Report: Applicant must have a credit score of 600 or higher to be approved without the requirement of a Co-Signer. If applicant has a credit rating of 550 to 599 a Co-Signer will be required. Evictions or debt to another property management company or landlord may result in an automatic denial.

Co-Signors: Applicant may obtain a co-signor if the income ratio is not met or if the applicant meet our credit requirements. Co-signor must complete an application, pay the application fee and will be party to the lease and share all financial liability. All co-signors must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have a superior credit score (650 or higher).
  • Must have a qualified income of 3 times the monthly rent or savings of 4 times the monthly rent.
  • Must sign all lease paperwork prior to move-in. In addition to any and all lease amendments.

Renter’s Insurance: Is required, you will need to provide proof of renters insurance at move-in. We require $300,000 minimum on limits of liability and Properties Plus, LLC must be listed as the additional interest party. Personal belongings coverage may be added on at your own discretion, but is not required.

Effective: 11/6/2015