Resident Screening

  • How accurate your resident screening is, is extremely important.
  • Can you effectively evaluate a rental application?


Denver CO Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

We can. We use the most robust screening process in the industry, using the best 3rd party verification system available. We use credit history, criminal history, employment verification and residential history to obtain a complete and clear picture of the resident applicant.

This way, we can enter into lease negotiations fully informed and ready to represent our client property owners.

As a result, we get better residents, better tenancies, greater resident retention and a higher quality applicant pool than private landlords can get on their own. We average a 95% occupancy rate on our portfolio properties and we are adding new inventory everyday because owners love our ability to keep their property filled with quality residents.

Are you familiar with the pitfalls of leasing and resident screening? Let us help you navigate the process and leverage our technology to help you make better decisions regarding your most precious real estate assets.

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