You mean I don’t have to do the property showings myself? You guys do it??


Showing Your Property

Showing Your Property

YES. We are a full service property management company. Your prospective resident will be met at your property by one of our qualified showing agents who will accompany the prospective resident throughout the showing and can answer any questions that the prospective resident may have about your property. Our showing agents are punctual, courteous and knowledgable about our portfolio of available properties. Each agent carries an iPad so that they can show the prospective resident images of as many properties as possible and can complete our online rental application in real time. This way, we create commitment RIGHT AWAY, and your property receives maximum exposure to as many tenant prospects as possible.

Properties Plus shows daily.  Properties Plus employs a Professionaly Trained Contact Center to field all marketing inquiries online or by phone. Our quick response time to inquiries translates into lower occupancy rates. We get more showings, better showings, better resident applicants and more successful lease transactions which translates into more consistent profitability for your property.

Don’t waste your time trying to respond to a million phone calls on your cell phone after a long day of work! Let us take over, and make the process of leasing your home stress-free and fast.

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