Tenant Rent Collection

  • But HOW and WHEN will I get my rent collection???


This is the question that all property owners ask, and many property managers only give a vague answer.

Denver Property Managers: Rent Collection

Rent Collection

At Properties Plus, our product is money, and we know that how you receive your rental income may be one of the most important factors you consider when choosing a management company. Before we can produce funds for you, we need to make it EASY for your tenant to pay rent in a timely manner. Like today’s banking industry, we make paying rent easy through our website. Tenants can set up an AUTOMATIC, recurring ACH transfer from any bank account. Like clockwork, your rental income will come in, and we can ensure that there are no interruptions in your income stream.

We handle ALL rent collection for our client owners. We also handle service of process and eviction proceedings if necessary. We do NOT charge a coordination fee for these services and have partnered with one of the best Landlord-Tenant lawyers in the business (they do thousands of evictions per month) to offer our property owners the best legal services available for the security of their income stream. Throughout the eviction process, we communicate with you and serve as a liason between you and our legal team. We attend all hearings, post notices, communicate with your non-paying tenant, and make the process easy.

After the non-paying tenants vacate, we have the property cleaned and inspected. Then, we re-lease the property, getting you back to profitability!

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