We’ve been using Properties Plus since March 2007. They immediately began marketing our single family home in Broomfield and had it rented for us within 45 days at the rent rate we wanted. They also handled a lawn care issue with our first tenants. When the tenants let the weeds grow out of control they gave the tenants a one-time warning and arranged for a lawn care service to fix the issue (we paid for the service). They have also coordinated all minor repairs for us (billing us on our invoice), which has allowed us to avoid those potential headaches in coordinating with contractors and the tenants. When our tenants’ yearlong leases were within a month of expiring Properties Plus marketed our property and secured a new tenant within a few weeks. We’ve had only days of vacancy between tenants during which Properties Plus has coordinated a cleaning. Ultimately, we’ve had a positive experience working with Properties Plus and would definitely recommend their services.  By the way, Jeff is awesome. He has made renting my place much easier than expected. I like that he just ‘handles’ everything. — Karen P.

In early 2012 a friend of ours (who works in real estate) recommended a property management company to us, as I was separating from active military duty. This first PCM initially said all the right things and seemed competent.. but then suddenly withdrew their services without any real explanation. This same friend then suggested Properties Plus to us. The difference between them and the first PCM was like night and day. In our experience with Properties Plus, they have shown themselves to be very knowledgeable about the housing market. They knew how to get our condo on the market to the widest market possible, and before too long our condo was rented. Properties Plus kept us informed with all the details and activities involved in this process. They were professional, friendly and always available. They returned phone calls in a timely manner – something you cannot always presume in this age of computer-automated voice response systems. Just this week, Properties Plus again rented our our condo – in less than a month. They were on top of everything. I fully and enthusiastically recommend Properties Plus to anyone who is looking to rent their property. For us, they went above and beyond; I’m certain they do that for all their clients.  — JaChri T.

I have been working with Properties Plus for several years. They handle the management of a condo my husband I own, and they have been fantastic to work with. They take care of everything our tenant needs, and everyone is so easy to work with. (Jeff, in particular, is wonderful). We receive our rent checks on time every month and we are always given plenty of notice if a repair is needed. They’ve never had any problems finding a tenant for us, and they are very professional to work with. I would definitely recommend Properties Plus. — Anonymous

Our experience with Properties Plus has been exceptional! Jeff and his team have done a very professional job helping folk rent their properties! We are very please we found Properties Plus!! — Nathan S

I can’t say enough good about you. Mistakes happen. Bad things happen. Life happens. I’m not looking for perfection, or for things to always go my way- or even the right way. But how they’re handled makes all the difference in the world. You and your team have been stellar in that department. Big shout out to you guys! Thanks!

I admire Lee’s professionalism. — Dale H.




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