Giving Landlords Peace of Mind

  • Denver property management companiesWe offer straightforward, no-nonsense pricing
  • Excellent customer service – quick phone and email response times
  • Comprehensive marketing strategies and market knowledge
  • Thorough tenant screening including criminal history, credit history, employment history and residential history
  • Owner and tenant portals for easy rent payment and document retrieval
  • Timely and professional eviction processing
  • Professional, licensed and insured vendors and maintenance contractors
  • Pre-lease and post-lease property inspections with video documentation of property condition
  • Professional accounting of all funds and deposits


Owner FAQ’s:

1. What are your fees?

We charge a percentage of the gross monthly rent as a our management fee, and a $495 leasing fee to lease the property. Unlike some Denver property management companies, we do not charge any up-front fees. If you don’t get paid, w don’t get paid. We operate at 95% occupancy or more – this means more income for our property owners and better return-on-investment.

2. Do you do property inspections?

Yes. We perform 4 different types of property inspections: Pre-Lease, Post-Lease, Maintenance and Exterior. We use the latest in video technology and this assists us in mediating any disagreements. Comprehensive documentation is essential in this business. We go above and beyond, make sure that our properties are monitored and cared for.

3. What about a security deposit?

We typically charge the same amount as 1 month’s rent as a security deposit. These funds are held in our Security Deposit Trust Account per the Trust Accounting Rules in the Colorado Real Estate Manual, governed by the Colorado Real Estate Commission. This way, we can quickly and effectively perform any work or cleanings that may be needed and return the security deposit to the tenant after the lease term is completed.

4. How do you determine a rental rate?

We know the Denver market extremely well and can provide advice on rental rates for your property. Contact our office today at 303-327-6583 for a free consultation.

5. What if I am a property owner who wants to sell their investment property?

We can assist you with this as well. We have helped many investors sell real estate in Denver and surrounding areas. We can help you navigate the market and achieve your sales goals.  Please contact our office at 303-327-6583 for more information.

6. How do I sign-up?

Contact our office at 303-327-6583 or just fill out our Online Proposal Request Form and one of our agents will contact you soon to set up a time to meet!



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